Our sessions are designed and structured in such a way that individuals of all fitness levels can take part. There are two groups to further encourage working at a suitable pace and exercise alternatives are regularly offered to work around any difficulty and or common injury. Key components include, warm-up, interval training with kettlebells or resistance […]

Personal Training

  FitFunActive have transformed the bodies of hundreds of men and women. We recognise that every client is individual, thus this requires a bespoke programme to achieve your goals. Personal Training with us integrates diverse range of exercise disciplines and methods to ensure that your interest is high and your body is always being challenged. […]

Bespoke Wedding Packages

Alecia Ridout Garfield: Every bride wants to look magical on their wedding day and feel fabulous in their honeymoon bikini. I’m so happy with what I achieved, reaching my target weight by the wedding and toning my arms. I really enjoyed my sessions and looked forward to every one of them. The personal training sessions […]


If it’s a lean, toned, strong body you’re after then this type of training could be the workout for you. FitFunBoxing Monday Evenings on the Streatham Common. With this new class set at the beginning of the working week, it’s now a perfect way to get your week off to a great start. Fit Fun […]

Recent News

Here’s To Good Health This Christmas

Toasting to ‘good health’; how often have you raised a glass and uttered those words? Chances are we have all done that or been in the company of others who have. But you do know that ‘good health’ isn’t acquired through osmosis, right? This Christmas we are giving you the opportunity to promote health and […]

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FitFun Challenge 2018: Tribal Clash Portugal

It’s that time of year again at FitFun where we turn our eyes to our yearly team fitness challenge! So are you ready for it? At the heart of fitness programming, the goal is to create a training pathway that enables the participant’s body to develop functionally. Yes, body image is likely to be the […]

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Post Work-Out Brunch This Christmas

The Mere Scribbler Pub is the place to be this year for our annual Christmas Post-Workout Brunch, on Saturday 23rd December. Our FitFunBootCamp session will run as usual from 10.00am, and we will then gather from 11.30am for our customary glass of mulled wine in celebration of the festive season and our efforts throughout the […]

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Support Network: A Major Key to Long Term Weight Loss Success

If you’ve tried losing weight on your own and keep failing, it’s actually a good idea to ask for help! An integral part of achieving goals is having a strong support network. It’s easier to stick with a weight loss plan when you have encouragement and can share/receive advice on healthy nutrition and exercise. Whether it is […]

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FitFun Couch To 5K Community Project

Anyone up for a run? Probably the most accessible form of exercise you could do but for many also a very daunting one, especially if you feel out of shape or unfit. In addition, possibly the biggest challenge a novice runner faces is not knowing how or where to start. Often when trying to get […]

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End of the School Holidays; A Great Time to Get Back into Shape

Like New Years, this part of year marks the time to get back on a responsible schedule after having holidays and down time. It is when we must get back into a routine with our children and our selves. Whilst adjusting to new timetables and enjoying the last of the summer weather, you may want […]

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