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Maybe It’s Not Your Diet That Needs Changing

You realise that you need to lose weight – either because of a visit to the doctor, or simply your clothes no longer fit. You test something out, perhaps you experience a little improvement – but it doesn’t last long and you find yourself slowly slipping back into old habits. Maybe you stick to something […]

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How To Run A Faster Marathon

  Having completed his first marathon in Milton Keynes, in May 2016, clocking a time of 3 hours 50 minutes and 18 seconds, under the guidance of FitFun personal trainer, Altesse, Christophe Blanchard set a new target for himself and his trainer for Paris, April 2017- 3 hours 30 minutes. Christophe had only taken up […]

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FitFun’s Marathon Of All Challenges – Barcelona 2017

Legend has it that the Marathon began in 490 B.C when the Greek messenger Pheidippides ran from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens 26.2 miles, in order to relay news of the Greek victory against the Persians. He uttered the words “We were victorious!” upon arrival. For Pheidippides it was a lonely run but on […]

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Is It Really Possible To Slim Down (And Tone Up) In Just 6 Weeks?

I had my wedding booked for October 2015 and like all brides I wanted to look my absolute best in my wedding dress. I purchased my dress in February 2015 with the intention of losing a few pounds and toning up my arms . I was already attending FitFunBootCamp weekly and thought that undertaking this […]

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FitFunChallenge 2017

Each year, since 2013, Team FitFun has taken many individuals through a journey of self-discovery, self-fulfilment and self-empowerment. We’ve positively influenced the lives of so many people who have trusted in our guidance and have become a part of the vision that is FitFun. We share a passion to bring out the very best in […]

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Adult Sports Day; FitFunOlympics 2016 July 2nd

Nobody that has ever struggled with attaining an active lifestyle hasn’t at some point, experienced disappointment and discouragement. Maintaining one may at times seem insurmountable for an individual desiring to change but lacking the tools, education and support to make the transition successfully. That’s why every time a person reaches their goal the achievement is […]

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Team FitFun Take On The Worlds Biggest Obstacle Race Course And Smash It!!

We understand that preparation is always the key; but you can never prepare enough to be 100% sure how one will react when faced with that first ‘game changer’ of an obstacle. The adrenaline rush you experience at the countdown to the starter hooter, and being driven on by the sudden stampede of excitement stricken […]

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Long Term Exercise Motivation

It seems widely excepted that 21 days is all you need to reach the point where you can say your exercise routine is safe! In preparation for our Rat Race this Summer Team FitFun have been working out at least 4 days a week since January 2nd.  Now at the end of the month it […]

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How To Keep Your Weight Loss Resolutions

It’s January, the time of making New Years Resolutions. If you are like most of the population, you have probably made a declaration to lose weight. In fact weight loss is the number one resolution at the start of the New Year. Many people start all fired up and motivated to make changes. Gyms are […]

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FitFun Team Challenge 2016

When you start thinking about your training programme for 2016, why not set your sights on a fitness related challenge to boost your motivation? Amongst our  top tips for staying on track with your regime, goal setting is high on our list. But beyond the usual January weight loss goals, at FitFun we recognise the […]

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