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FitFun Challenge 2018: Tribal Clash Portugal

It’s that time of year again at FitFun where we turn our eyes to our yearly team fitness challenge! So are you ready for it? At the heart of fitness programming, the goal is to create a training pathway that enables the participant’s body to develop functionally. Yes, body image is likely to be the […]

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Support Network: A Major Key to Long Term Weight Loss Success

If you’ve tried losing weight on your own and keep failing, it’s actually a good idea to ask for help! An integral part of achieving goals is having a strong support network. It’s easier to stick with a weight loss plan when you have encouragement and can share/receive advice on healthy nutrition and exercise. Whether it is […]

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FitFun Couch To 5K Community Project

Anyone up for a run? Probably the most accessible form of exercise you could do but for many also a very daunting one, especially if you feel out of shape or unfit. In addition, possibly the biggest challenge a novice runner faces is not knowing how or where to start. Often when trying to get […]

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End of the School Holidays; A Great Time to Get Back into Shape

Like New Years, this part of year marks the time to get back on a responsible schedule after having holidays and down time. It is when we must get back into a routine with our children and our selves. Whilst adjusting to new timetables and enjoying the last of the summer weather, you may want […]

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Supportive, Motivational, Results Based Personal Training

David firmly believes that personal fitness is about the whole person.  He will tailor each and every personal training session specifically to meet your needs and all the while tracking your progress so that you can see and celebrate your successes.  A key element in this journey is the nutritional side and David will provide […]

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Maybe It’s Not Your Diet That Needs Changing

You realise that you need to lose weight – either because of a visit to the doctor, or simply your clothes no longer fit. You test something out, perhaps you experience a little improvement – but it doesn’t last long and you find yourself slowly slipping back into old habits. Maybe you stick to something […]

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FitFunBBQ 2017 August 26th

One of the biggest reasons to the popularity of any group exercise session is the social interaction that gets people together with friends, family and peers. Good Social Health is important because it is one of the three basic pillars of health together with physical and mental. Born from this outcome are our valiant efforts […]

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How To Run A Faster Marathon

  Having completed his first marathon in Milton Keynes, in May 2016, clocking a time of 3 hours 50 minutes and 18 seconds, under the guidance of FitFun personal trainer, Altesse, Christophe Blanchard set a new target for himself and his trainer for Paris, April 2017- 3 hours 30 minutes. Christophe had only taken up […]

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Sports Day Fun For ‘Big Kids’

Get ready to re-live the excitement, anticipation and glory experienced at the junior school sports day and/or revel in the fun and joy of games not played since those ‘good old days’. Whether it be the Sack Race, Tug of War or simply a game of Rounders …there will be an event that will be […]

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FitFun’s Marathon Of All Challenges – Barcelona 2017

Legend has it that the Marathon began in 490 B.C when the Greek messenger Pheidippides ran from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens 26.2 miles, in order to relay news of the Greek victory against the Persians. He uttered the words “We were victorious!” upon arrival. For Pheidippides it was a lonely run but on […]

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