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Here’s To Good Health This Christmas

Toasting to ‘good health’; how often have you raised a glass and uttered those words? Chances are we have all done that or been in the company of others who have. But you do know that ‘good health’ isn’t acquired through osmosis, right? This Christmas we are giving you the opportunity to promote health and […]

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FitFun Challenge 2018: Tribal Clash Portugal

It’s that time of year again at FitFun where we turn our eyes to our yearly team fitness challenge! So are you ready for it? At the heart of fitness programming, the goal is to create a training pathway that enables the participant’s body to develop functionally. Yes, body image is likely to be the […]

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FitFun’s Marathon Of All Challenges – Barcelona 2017

Legend has it that the Marathon began in 490 B.C when the Greek messenger Pheidippides ran from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens 26.2 miles, in order to relay news of the Greek victory against the Persians. He uttered the words “We were victorious!” upon arrival. For Pheidippides it was a lonely run but on […]

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Gift of Health This Christmas

 If you would like to treat someone special this Christmas with a meaningful and unique present why not offer them a gift whose memory will last a life time- ‘The Gift of Health’! Exercise is the single best thing any one person can do for their health, hiring a personal trainer is a very efficient […]

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FitFunOlympics 2014 July 19th

Get ready to re-live the excitement, anticipation and glory experienced at the junior school sports day and/or revel in the fun and joy of games not played since those ‘good old days’. Whether it be the Sack Race, Tug of War or simply a game of Rounders …there will be an event that will be […]

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Tough Mudder Success: Team FitFun

Extreme obstacle races have existed in the UK since at least the 1980s, but it is only recently that they have seen mass participation. There are a growing number of these types of races involving challenging military-style obstacles and thousands of Brits are up for the challenge. The attraction is all about facing your fears […]

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