David Testimonials


Rob & Sarah

We started out with David about 4 months ago and we have not looked back! We are a slightly overweight, very overworked couple who spare little time for exercise. Realising we needed to do something about it, Rob booked a couple of sessions with David and quickly persuaded me to come along.

I’ll admit all I know of personal trainers are the ones I see in the films shouting at their clients, this is not David. He’s calm, patient, hugely motivating and a lovely person to hang out with for an hour. Our levels of fitness have improved dramatically since training with David and this motivates us in our sessions to push harder.

Not only has the exercise improved our fitness, its reduced our stress levels, motivated us to get outside and bettered our relationship! I highly recommend David if your thinking of getting a personal trainer, I promise you won’t regret it. Rob & Sarah


I have tried to stick to training programmmes too often in my life time and never succeeded.
Now with David I have been training for the last 5 months!! Regularly! Initially super unfit and at unease David helped me to gain confidence and fun and enjoyment with moving again.
His humour is uplifting and he is so encouraging! I have become fit again and feel happy in myself.
Training with David has not only helped me become fit,toned and in physical good shape but mentally happier and more confident in life. David has been super!!

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Nathan & Sally

My husband and I have been training twice a week with David since September with the aim to tone up and lose some weight, and importantly stick to it. He has transformed our thoughts towards exercising and carefully plans and tailor the sessions every time so that we don’t have time to worry about repetition. We were not looking for a pushy trainer, we wanted someone who would do so without us realising and that is just what David does, all with a great sense of humour! I have found I have muscles I never knew existed.

He also has helped us think more about what we eat – we used to skip breakfast and then be starving by dinner time, but we now eat three balanced meals a day, have cut down our wine intake massively and are watching the calories more sensibly. I didn’t realise for my age that 2000 calories was actually 500 too many for my previously sedentary lifestyle!. We still have our fun/eat/drink too much at weekends and are less careful but make sure we try and do one or two exercise sessions on our own to keep up the momentum – we now ‘earn our treats’. Ten weeks in and I have lost 9lb, have tone in my arms and previously very flabby belly and feel fabulous. My husband has also lost about 9lb. We are so pleased with David that we have already booked him for our second block of sessions, now not really to lose weight, although a little more would be nice, but just to keep fit – we have found it beneficial both physically and mentally.

Highly recommend him.

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Oliver Couzens

Approaching 50, feeling chronically unfit and overweight and having never managed to sustain any sort of exercise regime in my life, I started personal training sessions with David.  Almost 3 months in, I am delighted with the results: David has helped me to lose weight and I am enjoying feeling (and looking) healthier and fitter. David is always well prepared, flexible with times and his sessions are enjoyable.  With his input, I think I can keep it up!

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Matt & Meave

David has been brilliant. I train with him and with my wife once a week and he gives us a routine to follow on the other days of the week. It’s been just over a month and we both feel fitter, stronger and just generally better. He built us up slowly (I hadn’t done any exercise for a long time) and he’s given us both a lot of confidence and motivation. He’s flexible with times, reliable and friendly and he’s having a brilliant impact on my health. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

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I’ve started training with David because I suffer from a bad fibromyalgia and anxiety disorder. My goal is not to lose weight, although in only 20 days without a strict diet I have already lost 2.5 kg. My goal is to get healthy and tone up a bit, but the weight and fat loss were also welcomed!! In only 10 sessions my fibromyalgia has never been better and my anxiety levels have dropped considerable too. I don’t have chest pains as often as before because my heart is also getting stronger. David changes the sessions every time, working with my capacities and age -I’m a 45 yrs old woman with sedentary life- combining weights, cardio and high interval exercises without allowing me to exert myself. This makes the workout fun and challenging but within my limits. Every week I’m felling stronger. I don’t get out of breath now or have chest pains when going up the stairs to catch the train. We exercise outdoors in the park which is also equally rewording and he even sends me encouraging videos or nutritional tips during the week. I can’t recommend it enough!

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Joanna Keable

I’ve been working with David for 2 months and have been very pleased with his knowledge of my chronic fatigue and the gentle handling required to ensure I get the workout I need without going too far and becoming more exhausted. His friendly personality, mindful attention to detail and soulful holistic approach, including plenty of nutritional info, allow me to feel I’m in safe hands, rather than someone just telling me to push myself, which David knows would make my health condition worse. I have sessions with David weekly and starting to see results, though my fatigue means we must go slowly. Looking forward to my physique and energy improving over the coming months!

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Tracey Ogleton

David has been my personal trainer for approximately 4/5 months. My initial aims was to lose weight and become healthier. However over the weeks my knowledge on food, nutrition and maintaining a healthy life has increased significantly. I am more consciously aware of what I am eating , how it impacts on my body and what the foods consist of.

On top of all that the my personal  training sessions has been hard,  I cannot deny that but that’s solely because I was not used to training. I have found a new enjoyment in exercising. I have become stronger, my body more toned and a new level of stamina. David encourages, pushes and assists me in achieving my pre set goals. If you have never experienced a personal trainer…..give it a go it is an experience you will never lose out on and you will have the knowledge for a life time.

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Reverend Ben Armacost

I have been very pleased with David’s training! He is patient, persistent, yet firm–a good combination of things that it takes to get me on track. So happy to keep going, and looking forward to a stronger physique with his help.

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Dr Kevin Brownhill

Dave has been my trainer for a number of years. He is very well trained, really knows my needs and is fantastic at encouraging me when I’m feeling lazy! I love his sense of humour! Highly recommended.

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Dr Valerie Rowe

David Wilson has been working on helping my fitness and muscle strength for the last 2 months and I am currently beginning to notice a real improvement.  Before having individual sessions, I attended some group sessions that David led, and these were also very helpful, but I find the one to one sessions better at focusing on my particular needs. He is GREAT encourager, and his positive feedback really spurs me on. He did a very thorough initial assessment and clearly is able to tailor his exercise program to the needs of myself as an individual. His manner is easy and respectful and I feel confident following his instructions. These sessions are fun and enjoyable and I can highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

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Jean Gray

I had a big operation on my back some years ago, and was quite tentative about doing anything that could aggravate my back. When I came across David, it was a true Godsend. He took me and my reservations seriously. His excellent understanding of how the human body works meant that he was able to tailor the training to me as an individual. I have been training with David for the past two years now. He makes his Session’s fun! When I look back, I am amazed by how much I’ve achieved in the time we’ve been training together. For instance, we went for a jog around the park, then came back to do weights and it struck me that I was not puffing as I had before.

Committing to training sessions with David has been one of the best decisions I’ve made to stay mobile and healthy. I always look forward to the next session and would highly recommend David to anyone who needs extra encouragement to get fit.

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