Henry Pinkrah


Henry Pinkrah

My career path to become a personal trainer has been fuelled by my passion for the health and fitness industry. From a young age I’ve been involved in sport, representing my county and playing at academy level for a semi professional club. I studied sport and exercise science at undergraduate level followed by my MSc in sport and exercise physiology. I have always been fascinated by how and why the body works and I hope to share this knowledge with my clients to improve their overall health fitness and understanding of exercise.

Henry is resolute in helping his clients to achieve their health & fitness goals. As a personal trainer his ambition is to empower his clients with knowledge and guide them though their workouts by making them challenging yet fun. He is whole-heartedly committed to the well being and motivation of everyone he works with and is reliable, caring and a great listener.

His studies have provided him with many invaluable experiences working in varied environments, from fitness instructing, coaching football in the states, working with cardiac rehabiliatation patients, as a sport science intern at a professional football club to his current role as a health and well being physiologist. He will share his drive, determination and enthuiasm with you so together you can help reach your goals no matter how big they may seem!



Email: henry@fitfunactive.co.uk