Here’s To Good Health This Christmas


Toasting to ‘good health’; how often have you raised a glass and uttered those words? Chances are we have all done that or been in the company of others who have. But you do know that ‘good health’ isn’t acquired through osmosis, right?

This Christmas we are giving you the opportunity to promote health and wellbeing among your loved ones. So, after you’ve lowered your glass, why not treat that someone special to a meaningful and beneficial gift that fulfils your desire to see them in a healthier state? At FitFun our personal trainers have a vast amount of experience and they are able to create an efficient and effective plan to address the following:

-Weight management

-Improving cardiovascular health and/or reducing risk of stroke

-Lowering blood pressure and/or cholesterol

-Preventing and controlling diabetes

-Improving mental health and reducing symptoms of depression

-Improving cognition and memory

-Longevity and improving quality of life

From now until the 28th of December, we are offering new clients the following special: 3 personal training sessions for £99 at our private Personal Training Studio in Deptford SE8 5QA. This is the perfect gift for those who have been looking for the motivation to make positive changes to their health.

The aim of this ‘gift packaged’ one to one service is set to give an introduction to assisting clients with their exercise goals, be it fat loss, toning or improved health and physical function.

This introductory course will include the following:

  • A FREE Consultation (Body composition analysis, intervention strategy and goal setting, discussion and explanation of key exercise principles for the approach)
  • An eating plan and sample meal menus
  • 3 varied 60 min workouts from a wide range of disciplines and methods
  • Periodical check-ups and support via telephone, text and/or email
  • Advice on additional workouts that should be completed outside the studio sessions



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