Karen’s Testimonials

Nick Smith

I was very unfit when I recently started working with Karen but in 4 weeks my fitness has improved massively. I had only intended to train a couple of times a week at the FitFun studio, but Karen is a highly motivating person and I couldn’t wait to put into practice the things she taught me. So I have actually now been working out at my local gym where I’m exercising there a couple of times a week.  In the knowledge I can consult Karen by text or call for advice and guidance gives me reassurance that I’m making the best steps towards achieving my health related goals. I have every confidence Karen will continue to help me achieve my goals and I highly recommend her.

Contact Karen on karen@fitfunactive.co.uk


Karen was an amazing trainer. She was relaxed and fun with me but also committed to helping me get the most out of our sessions and also to keep up with a healthier attitude to life outside of the sessions. She was approachable and friendly and I felt immediately comfortable in her company which is important when you make the decision to get help with your fitness. She planned lots of different exercises and workouts so she kept it all moving along and I was never bored. She was extremely supportive of my progress but I felt I could be honest if I let things slide one week. She was cool and down to earth but definitely knew her stuff and could answer all the questions I had about the body and nutrition and fitness habits. I highly recommend her.

Contact Karen on  karen@fitfunactive.co.uk


When I first started seeing Karen, the idea of working out with a Personal Trainer terrified me. I knew I was unfit and I’d never really exercised regularly before but Karen was incredibly encouraging and genuinely listened when I spoke my goals – not scary at all! My self-confidence was also quite low but Karen’s kind and warm personality boosted me and it’s clear that she really understands how exercise can benefit your mental wellbeing (something I didn’t entirely believe was true until I started training with Karen).

Each session with Karen is different. She helps me work towards my goals but also recognises when I’m having an off-day (it happens!) and will adapt my work out accordingly so I still walk away feeling motivated. The sessions are fun as well and I have found joy from exercising for the first time in my life. Karen doesn’t even mind if I swear at her when the going gets tough!

I’ve seen my stamina, strength and mental wellbeing improve significantly over the past three months and I would highly recommend Karen.

Contact Karen on  karen@fitfunactive.co.uk


I usually find it very difficult to engage and feel motivated when it comes to workouts! Working with Karen has made me want to work out a little more, I’m not 100% there yet but coming into 1:1 sessions with Karen is refreshing, the sessions are always new and I’m learning new workouts every week. She also focuses on the areas she knows i want to change the most. Yes sometimes they are hard but she pushes me on in a really constructive way, motivating me to keep going! She’s also great to just chat with and it helps the hour sessions not feel as difficult!

Contact Karen on  karen@fitfunactive.co.uk


I’ve been training with Karen for a few months now and I love it! The quality of the training I have received from Karen is exemplary. She is highly motivational without being pushy; she has pushed me so much further than I thought I could be pushed and in turn my confidence has really grown. My fitness levels have noticeably increased and I am thoroughly enjoying her sessions. Karen has really helped me become someone that actually enjoys exercise alongside boosting my confidence hugely. I feel so much fitter than ever before. I could not recommend Karen enough!

Contact Lily on  karen@fitfunactive.co.uk