Marina Garcia



Having overcome my own health and fitness battles I am privileged to be in a position to take others to the next step in achieving their goals. I ensure that my clients are given the confidence to take control of their personal  journey. There’s no two ways about it, if you are willing to work hard and set SMART goals, you can achieve what you set out to

Marina loves helping people to achieve results and being a personal trainer gives her the opportunity to show, help and motivate people to keep fit. Her approach to health is friendly and fun, she is fully committed to using her knowledge, skills and past experiences to help you reach your goals. In a motivating, passionate and reliable manner Marina conducts sessions from a variety of exercise disciplines to work towards weight loss, improved tone, greater flexibility, and improved general health and fitness. She is offering exclusive one to one training for clients who are looking for high quality, private and flexible service and want to train in
the private personal space. We always deliver 1st class service by ensuring every client receives effective and efficient workout plans plus nutritional advice which support physical activity patterns.

Marina’s Testimonials