Support Network: A Major Key to Long Term Weight Loss Success

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If you’ve tried losing weight on your own and keep failing, it’s actually a good idea to ask for help! An integral part of achieving goals is having a strong support network. It’s easier to stick with a weight loss plan when you have encouragement and can share/receive advice on healthy nutrition and exercise. Whether it is having a personal trainer, a gym partner or a supportive spouse, we know that surrounding yourself with a positive network will help to spur you on, increasing long term success.

It’s estimated that only five per cent of those who go on a diet without support keep off the weight they lose. The common pitfalls to name a few, are busy lifestyles, a lack of willpower and constant eating out. The reliance on willpower alone often leads to disappointment and feelings of failure. If we concede that willpower is actually a measurable form of mental energy that runs out as you use it; how can we combat this seemingly inevitable drop in sustaining the success we acquire? If you have consistently struggled to maintain progress through adherence to an exercise and nutrition program, one great tactic is to raise your accountability.

How do we do this? Often we develop a response mechanism that is counterproductive with regards to our immediate and long-term health and fitness goals. For instance many of us tend to turn to food for comfort when faced with adversity, usually sugary or fatty and in some cases alcohol. However those who are able to achieve and sustain success long term are those who successfully structure their lives in a manner that is conducive to acquiring results. When required, these individuals will tap into the resources they have accumulated for this very purpose. As a simple example from our experience we have found that clients who talk about their specific action plans to significant individuals, are more committed to daily tasks and effectively more resolute in achieving what they set out to do. Over time their support network holds them accountable by periodically reminding, promoting and re-enforcing their aims and objectives. This has proven particularly helpful when faced by challenging periods on their journeys. Thus a positive support network is a powerful external boost that holds us accountable by facilitating and encouraging correct behavior and the discipline needed for reaching and maintaining success.



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